Monday, August 6, 2018

more from Tarraleah

 I'll digress and begin with a few photos I took walking around Hobart whilst waiting to be picked up.
 Not sure of the meaning of this sign!
 The Antarctic vessel in port
 Decoration on the gatepost

 Colour in the puddle and a plant (albeit a weed) struggling through the pavement
Back to Tarraleah - the  cottages
 The Great hall and highlander Pub
 Hydro display
 ... and cottages
 The lake (dull and rainy that day)

 I  walked to Tarraleah Falls, (about 1 hour there and back)

 If you are lucky, you can see lyrebirds on this walk. I heard them but didn't see tham.

The pipes descending to the Tarraleah Power Station, from the Lookout beside the Tarraleah Lodge and Edge Function Centre, and at the start of the walk to the falls
 Around the gardens - evidence of days gone by, and some winter colour
 A very large and dense pine or fir tree. I've never seen anything like it before.
 A native parrot atop a tree fern
 and kookaburra outside my window

And the geese again  - this one hissing and showing me its teeth!
 Top view of a duck! I was trying to capture the pattern of the feathers, and the brilliant turquoise/ green in the sunlight

I had a few hours away looking at some of the local forests, lakes, canals and pipelines of the hydro scheme, some of it under snow, and with all the rivers rushing and/or flooding

 This power station overflow is a white water rafting course for national and international events
 The cairn beside the lake marks the geographical 'centre' of Tasmania
 A highlight for me was seeing this original wooden pipeline. Made of King Billy pine with metal tension bands it extended for about 6 km. Some has been replaced but there is still a good deal there -
 with occasional leaks spurting out
 and grass, moss and even trees growing here and there.
 Logging of planted eucalypts for paper

And the Tarraleah Power Station - at the bottom of the pipes

That's it. Now I am looking forward to seeing it all in the summer.

I did some stitching while I was there - I made 6 chef's aprons and a table runner for a cupboard in one of the cottages, but I didn't touch the embroidery I took.