Here is just a sample of my small jug collection which currently numbers around 650.
It was begun by my mother in the early 70s, with the little, individual serve, milk jugs frequently used in Europe when they travelled there in 1973.
I used to contribute regularly to the collection, and she gave them all to me when the collection outgrew her cupboard. Some are new and souvenirs and some begged or bought in restaurants and cafes, with interesting tales to tell. Many have come from antique or op shops. There are a few large ones, mostly from family use over the years, but I try to limit them to less than 10cm high.

I have a couple of specially built cupboards to display them and another in the making because I am out of room!

They are made of many different things - porcelain, stoneware, glass, crystal, silver, brass, pewter, plastic and wood and so on. I love looking at them all together, for their differing, styles, colours, finishes, shapes, patterns and so on. Most are usable though some are just ornamental, and they are generally inexpensive. I find I am adding more quality ones of late.

Updated 26/10/14