Thursday, April 30, 2015

sunset reflections

Just returned from book group this evening and looked out the back door to see these fabulous reflections on the normally cream coloured patio pillars...

 The wind chimes
and the light shade and fairy/party lights. So then I dashed out the front to look down the street and see the cause...

No lizards spotted lately because the weather has turned too cold, but I did find this fellow hiding in a pot base I was removing because it is (hopefully) the rainy season. It's a close up - he's about 5cm  long.
No stitching for a week or so because of some most enjoyable family catchups.There will be some stitching this weekend though, as I am off to Douglas Scrub for Deb Wight's (of the Whyte House Gallery in Victor Harbor) fabulous weekend retreat. No machine though, as I plan to work on the tapestry my mother started for me but was unable to finish. It has been a WIP for a number of years. I got left with 2/3 to do but I have that down to about 1/3 now. It is time it was finished - and then the problem will be finding wall space to hang it on!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

a few stitches

Amidst a major decluttering exercise in the household recently (to move on most of what we've been storing for the 'not so young' children) I have sewn a few stitches. I finished off the woollen penny rug sample ready to incorporate it into something else one day, and completed a small piece for a class exercise.
The penny rug piece is about 10" square, so not sure where it might end up. It is all straight stitches - easy and relaxing to do
 - not quite so all the colonial knots in the corners of this one though.  

Not much happening in the garden - except for appearances by more blue tongue lizards. Haven't seen the biggest one again, but the smaller one (or maybe it's another!), and two small ones side by side - twins? It is only a small garden so we're beginning to feel outnumbered. I haven't found where they are living yet.
The leaves are falling now, and these caught my eye after some rain.

Something quite different another day - the early morning sun shone through and lit up the resin on the prunus tree

And finally a couple of views of nearby

  Port Noarlunga and the reef on a lovely sunny day.