Monday, September 14, 2015

one project completed

The tapestry is finished at last. Not perfectly executed but I think it still looks magnificent. It is a scene from early Sydney. Next step is to get it framed, and then try and find a space on the walls to hang it.
Now I am working on a challenge piece for our Guild exhibition coming up soon, but no pictures for that yet.

Meantime, I have taken a few photos as I have been going about recently -
In the city, old

and new...
 Sublime, above, and ridiculous...
Yes, ants all over a mug on a windowsill.

In Cox's Scrub, re-growth after a bushfire a couple of years ago. Not a field of wildflowers

but masses of  young wattle bushes
At home, I know it is spring. I noticed a blackbird busy under the patio last week. Seems I should have noticed a week or two back, because the nest I discovered up in the corner was really substantial

and this week there are 3 heads peeping out. It's interesting to see some of the stuff incorporated into the nest. Thankfully the umbrella should be usable again quite soon.