I have a collection of echidnas that now numbers about 330. It actually began after seeing my first hedgehog in Wales in 1975 - in the middle of an A road. Our landlady (kindly driving us around to find a car) stopped so that we could have a look and move it off the road.
 I had a go at making some in a pottery class ...
and came home with a couple of other souvenirs. Then  I decided to add our look alike (but bigger) echidnas. They aren't related - theyre just all prickly. There are a couple of anteaters too. So it grew - another one, and another, and another.

Mostly they are ornaments

but there are other many other forms too - fridge magnets,

jewellery (pendants, brooches, earrings),


bookmarks and so on. They are generally souvenirs from travel and outings, but quite a lot I have received as gifts.

The above photos show some of the collection, but the next one shows the real thing, spotted beside the road a couple of years ago.

and trying to be invisible...
 I love the way the spines knit together.....

Updated 27/10/14