Friday, May 23, 2014

blocks, printing, dyeing and weaving

I have been sorting some more photos from India to show the textiles, but I have a large number to select from so it is quite hard. Here are some of block making, printing, painting and dyeing.

The master block maker uses only a few hand tools

 and family patterns

Block printing - each colour a different block - usually 2 or 3 colours, sometimes more

Painting - first the outlines (freehand, without patterns)

and then the filling in

Indigo Dyeing (and drying)

and weaving with pit looms

and floor looms

 and the ironing machine at the Weaver's Studio
Next time, a few of embroidery and tie dyeing.

now that I am retired

Well there has been a recent major life change for me - I am 2 weeks retired! I imagined I would get to post something well before now but the best laid plans...  Woodworking to finish some shelving to reorganise my 'studio', a visit by Rachel last weekend and some necessary de-cluttering to fit in new tilting beds, along with some caring needs and a bit of gardening have kept me busy.

I have always been the helper and holder for Max on the woodworking projects prior to doing the painting. This time with him unable to do it, he gave instructions and I sanded, drilled and screwed the previously cut timber. The result wouldn't win any awards when examined closely, but looks quite good and gives me a bookshelf with a flat screen TV above my grandmother's treeadle machine, instead of a huge, old and cumbersome TV sitting on the machine.

The weather has been superb - mild with big blue skies and I've managed a walk on the beach

and a visit to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

 An Eastern Rosella

 Clearly it's autumn

 Fascinating cacti

 The beautiful palm house, though it was late in the day so the shot is a little dull.

Meanwhile at home, I think the passionfruit vine is a little confused by the mild weather. There is one (the first) fruit ripening, but it currently has a mass of flowers on it -

They are fascinating, but the triple 'antlers' look a little strange as you turn and get a side on view.

Also got to the lovely Fleurieu Quilters meeting last week at Victor Harbor - now that I can get to attend the day time meetings.

One of my big plans is to up date all the pages on this blog sometime soon...