Tuesday, March 25, 2014

starting with flowers

Had the day off from work today and went to a great presentation on costumes and undergarments over the centuries by Annie Basham and put on by the Threads group of Yankalilla. Annie's interest began with the making of costumes for the Bicentennial celebrations in 1988 and has continued ever since.
I don't think I would have fared too well in the corsets! The hooped skirts and bustles would have been a challenge too. I can remember how uncomfortable rope petticoats were when I was a child - but I had to have one (made by Mum) to be in fashion. The cupcakes at morning tea were a treat, with clever and colourful chocolate buttons. Lunch was also provided, and for a little extra there were lovely quilts on display. All most enjoyable - well done girls.

I have picked out some pictures from the trip for a start. They are mostly of flora -

These first might seem like ring-ins. They come from the very beginning and very end - at Changi airport in Singapore. Is it an airport or a wonderland? The displays are amazing.

These next few caught my eye in and around Ahmedabad
Indigo plants at one of the workplaces we visited, where the vat has been going for 7 years.

 Can anyone tell me what this tree is? It was in the lovely garden around the Folk Museum, which even had some fine eucalypts.
These are native Ashoka trees - young ones shaped rather like Christmas trees. Old trees were large and shaped like any other tree. These are outside the co-operative making beautiful paper from recycled fabric.
In Ghandi's ashram
 A couple of trees in the streets, and flowering shrubs

 "Kite trees" They grow in January - after the Kite festival, there are cut (downed) kites everywhere!
A window decoration in a restaurant
 A variety of coconut
In the garden of a ranch hotel we stayed at
Two for one - 2 different trees growing together as one
Then to the colourful flower market in Calcutta

and finally a table decoration in the hotel

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

late start to the year

I didn't realise it was so long since I posted. Much has happened in the last couple of months, keeping me otherwise occupied and concerned - travelling, holding on the telephone waiting for assistance (very helpful once you get through) whilst changing to NBN and getting new mobiles, sorting through 2300+ photos, coping with family health issues, relieving at work, surviving (me and the garden) the record breaking hot weather etc. Things have settled down a bit now and I am beginning to get fresh ideas for stitching!

Highlight in January was when I got away for my planned trip to India. I went to see textiles in Gujurat and Kolkata, with Barbara Mullan and 7 other Aussies. Amazing sights and scenes. Colour, colour and more colour. I learnt a lot about the textiles and embroideries, but realise I still know very little. It is a huge country (like Aus) with numerous regional and tribal patterns and traditions. Will I get tempted to go again???  Barbara adds something different to each trip - Rajastan next time, and Kashmir after that...

I plan to post more pictures, but here are a few of my souvenir pieces.
 A large, almost sheer silk scarf/shawl, block printed 3 times for the different colours in the pattern, and with beautiful tassels.
 Two second hand, but look like new  blocks
The tie dyed scarves I bought myself and Rachel. Each 'spot' on the black one is actually 3 small pink spots in a triangle - still not sure how that one was done. The blue one has been dyed in squares of coloue then tied with four different patterns and size knots before dyeing in indigo.
Two lovely woven mats from the pit weavers
Ahir embroidery - bright and colourful and outlined in white
Cushion cover (the style escapes me at the moment)

Back home  not much has been happening in the garden - herbs, peppers, aubergines, spinach,  and apples. Tomatoes (not a good crop) have finished. The pumkins aren't setting but I did notice this 'twin flower'.

 The bougainvillia above, and hibiscus below are loving the weather

Well that is a start. There will be more soon.