A selection of my work, mostly wall hangings, and a few quilts

Papyrus    2016
74cm x 53cm

The Quilt Factory    2015
81cm x 74cm

Don't catch Us Out     2014
Postcards each 15cm x 10 cm

Continental Drift      2011
100cm x 100cm

Pansies 2012
22cm x 28cm

         Formali-tea  2011
31cm x 36cm

Feast on the Fleurieu
(43cm x 30cm, 2007)

(75cm x 105cm, 1997)

Time to draw the blind
(100cm x 140cm, 2008)


Happy Anniversary
48cm x 48cm, 2009

Deep in the gorge the waterhole was dry
95cm x 110cm, 2006

Puss keeps out of the way of the dogs
63cm x 43cm, 2006

Tou can with a little help from a friend
115cm x 175cm, 1996

Looking on    1995
Approx 85cm x 130cm

    An evening to remember    2003
90cm x 95cm

   Take your place on the great mandala      2005
115cm x 115cm

Where does it hurt?  2008
80cm x 80cm

                                                Peacock in Paradise    2002
172cm x 198cm 
Gimme a head with Hair   2004
121cm x 121cm

The signs of life  2002

Off to see the Wizard   2010
Approx 160cm x 160cm

The sample quilt         2011
168cm x 168cm

                                     Round and about in red  2011
                             170cm x 170cm


Summer's end    2008
175cm x 175cm