Scrapbook Quilts

A little about me in my quilts...

As part of a group project last year I made six small scrapbook quilts, five representing a decade of my life and the sixth a self portrait. Each is approx 12" or 30 cm and has buttons from my clothing during that time.
This is for the first 10 years, when we travelled a lot in the caravan that my father built. It includes a ribbon from the Royal visit, a Brownie badge and shows that I was never allowed a red dress because "redheads can't wear red". I had copper coloured hair.
The next 10, or my teen years, is mostly a record of my many extra curricular activites while at school and university. During my school years I rode my bicycle everywhere.

My third decade, my 20s, records my study and work as a librarian, my marriage and a grand overseas adventure, when we lived in Wales for a year. It is all arranged as chapters in my life, as books on a bookshelf. It includes photos transfers.

My 30s saw the birth of my 2 children and a change of lifestyle, when we established and ran a cut flower nursery. It includes one of about 40 watches I have owned. At that time every one I acquired seemed to come to grief - backs fell off, glasses, cases, strap holders and winders broke, and some I lost. They are not too good after you drop them in the swamp either!

My 40s. Mum's Taxi just about says it all for this one, as the children became involved in school and extra curricular activites. It also shows that I returned to library work, and quilting has become part of my life - I am attending quilting retreats.

The final piece - the self portrait.

Not an easy exercise, but I think I managed some likeness!

And now, a bit like a STOP PRESS, the next decade has ended, and I have recently made a quilt for that.
It recognises my first quilting blue ribbon, and being president of our Guild, some more world travel, getting my ears pierced and walks on the beach.

Updated 26/10/14