Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time to get stitching again

Happy New Year folks. I am nearly too late with that greeting as 2011 is well under way now. I have taken time out from stitching for a while and been busy making making Christmas cards and a scrapbook about my father, and working on our family histories. Christmas/New Year was a happy time for us and reasonably quiet, but what a time it has been for others. The snow and blizzards overseas, and the devasting floods in the northern parts of Australia have been unbelievable, bringing sadness and hardship to many. And the flooding continues. There will be some beneficial flows into the Murray River here in South Australia from New South Wales, but Queensland has been hardest hit and recovery for the people and the economy is going to take a very long time. I can't imagine losing everything to the water and mud.

The birds around our garden continue to amuse and delight us - mostly. I am not really thrilled by the blackbirds foraging in my flower beds, but the humble spoggies (sparrows) have been showing remarkable intelligence flying onto the tall wild oat stems on the vacant block next door, to bring them down to the ground so that they can eat the grains. The honeyeaters too, have been bouncing on the nylon bird netting to flatten it enough that they can peck through it to get at my boysenberries. I only have one bush, so I am not that keen on sharing! We were amused by this cute little bird we spotted today in the city. Went to see The King's speech (excellent) and noticed it painted on the bottom of the wall in Frome Street, feet below the large piece of street art on the wall above. Before the movie we went to a car boot sale and I picked up these 2 pieces of beadwork for $2. The beaded pieces of fabric have been stuck to a background. They have seen better days in a few areas but I am sure I can use them somehow - - and if not, they are pretty to look at anyway!