Monday, February 15, 2016

progress with the block making

Lovely weather and temperature here at the moment (25-30 degrees) which makes it easier to get on with things. I have been having some fun (and a few finger cramps!) trying to learn about linocutting and printing - some efforts not so good, but some quite successful.
This is a positive / negative leaf print on a piece of my hand dyed fabric

and these, printed on white fabric, are taken from my own photos - a flowering gum

and a cobblestone alley seen on our Danube cruise some years ago.
I've much to learn still - or maybe it is just practice I need.

Now a few photos - in the garden
Water drops on the lemon leaves after the sprinkler last week
and some time back a very busy bee on the lemon tree - checkout the size of his pollen ball

A couple of days ago I stepped out from the verandah and looked up (at about 12.30pm) to see a ring around the sun (a result of the sun's rays passing through ice crystals in the cirrus clouds if I understood it correctly). You need more than a 'point and click' to capture something like this, but I think you can get the idea.

Lastly, these are from walking on the beach yesterday. I particularly like these marching seagulls