Saturday, October 17, 2015

it's warm and sunny ... it's spring

The last few weeks have seen any spare time working on my Guild challenge entry. It's finished - it had to be, for delivery by today, but  a further deadline to tidy the room for a vistitor earlier this week provided added incentive.

The temperature lately seems to be riding a roller coaster, with hot one day and cold the next, but there have been some lovely spring days with clear blue skies. On Thursday I went on a Fleurieu Quilters' shop hop and gallery tour. It was a great day and the 35 degree heat didn't deter anyone. First stop was the lovely Widebacks shop at Flagstaff Hill.  Widebacks are their specialty, but they've a good range of all quilting 'needs'. You can see them at
They served us a splendid morning tea to see us on to our next stop at Cheryl Bridgart's studio and gallery in the city. Have alook at her site
I have admired her brilliant work since my first workshop with her in 1995 (and I took another a couple of years later). Her house, studio and gallery is a clever conversion from the old Beltana House and stables. We sipped champagne while Cheryl told us a history of the house, then looked around the gallery before enjoying a lovely lunch. There were plenty of examples of her amazing embroidery, art, hats and clothing which are inspired by dreams and nature and often feature her favourite zebras (or their stripes) and eyes. This zebra is wearing one of the hats
Cheryl demonstrated her machine embroidery which she 'draws' straight on to her canvas/paper with her machine needle.
 Here is just a portion of 2 larger works

After that we visited Quiltaholics at Mt Barker.
Another lovely shop with a large fabric range, so of course out came the plastic again. Then it was a tasty afternoon tea befor we headed home.

 This is the result of my workshop with Cheryl many years ago. The vest is looking a little faded now.

On the garden front, I have seen my first blue tongue lizard since it has started to warm up. It came up from between some bricks I was about to re-stack.

The baby birds hatched but I didn't manage to retrieve my garden umbrella before a second blackbird started sitting (or the same one having another go?)
The warmer weather is bringing out the flowers - and the weeds. The roses are blooming and this kalanchoe is looking splendid. These were taken just after a watering

A couple of blocks away this interesting stand of red and pink together sits on the nature strip

Finally, a touch of brilliance on the sand dunes.