Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a great exhibition

Well the SA Festival of Quilts is over for another year. The committee are probably saying 'thank goodness' but what a great job they did! And what an amazing display - lots of  variety and lots of inspiration. We have some very, very talented members and the judges job could not have been easy.
Congratulations Michele Hill - another Best of Show, and well deserved.
This 'Anyone for ludo? It is my completed drunkard's path workshop quilt. Have to say not my most favourite, but it came up quite well. The colour is not too true - the lattice is a deep purple
This is 'The birthday girl'. I have always loved the pictures of Alphonse Mucha and set out to do something in that style - it changed a bit as it went along! A lot of hand and machine applique, and a lot of hours. It has hand made roses and beading too.I incorporated a face I did in a Bonnie McCaffery workshop some time back which has been staring at me from the wall for a year or so.
Just realised I should have included some close ups.
At the moment I am project free, but I don't think that will last long. I am contemplating doing something for our guild 70s xhallenge for the December meeting. I have a piece of tie-dye left from the kaftans and pantsuit I made back then...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

lots of limes to come

No stitching to report at the moment. I can put up pictures of the last couple of projects when our exhibition starts in a few days. I haven't added anything to my reading list for a while - and I have still been managing to read a bit. Belonging to a book group means at least one a month, but it is often more like one a week. So while I add a couple of books to the list, I couldn't resist a couple of photos...

In the garden

 The current crop of limes was good, but if they don't all fall off, the next crop will be huge!
Probably too small to see, but the tiny spider sailed pat me on his web on the wind and landed on this Japanese bamboo leaf
So delicate blossom on the boysenberry. There aren't many yet - it is not looking as fruitful as the lime
A fun 'visitor' I received for my birthday a while back.
 A vibrant and beautifully formed calendula
We went to the Aviation Museum at Port Adelaide some days back. That was very interesting. It is well worth a visit. I didn't take photos there, but I did as we passed the SA Maritime Museum

 This fine mosaic bench has a map of the early Port Adelaide settlement
and while we were watching some very busy and determined bees enter a hole in the kerb I turned and saw this on a nearby post. By the weathering it has been up a while. Coincidence, or had someone else seen bees there?

And some street gums - beautiful patterns and textures on the trunk,  
 and interesting patterns of light and shade on the wall.
So to the books.