Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taking time out from stitching

Went for a walk in Aldinga Scrub on Sunday. It was lovely and sunny, and quite mild (not like today which has been sunny also, but very cold). Met a Friend of the Scrub who had just seen 3 echinas in a train, but of course we weren't so lucky. There were some birds about, but it was amazingly quiet. You can see rare coral lichen and the wattles are starting to bloom. I love the shapes of the gums - proving that any wiggly way you might draw them would be true to life.
Great contrast too with this old yacca base.

Fabulous view along the coast from the lookout on the edge of the Scrub too. Well worth a visit.
I'm disappointed with the colour in these (and other recent) pictures - think the time for a new camera is approaching...


Had some trouble loading the pictures last night - not sure why - so I'm trying again.
Here are the other 2 postcards -
Over the hill and Layer upon layer. Hope you can tell which is which.

Monday, July 26, 2010

High time for a catch up

My four weeks leave (seems ages ago now) was great - it took me a while to get back into a working frame of mind, and then of course I had to take my turn with the coldy/flu going around amongst the staff.

Have been busily sewing too though, working away at one large project for our Guild exhibition towards the end of the year, and some more postcards. They are fun

Above is 'honeycomb'.

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