Monday, August 10, 2015

one little block

Not much to show for the last few weeks. I'm making slow progress on the tapestry, whilst also working on a challenge piece, and trying to keep up with classwork for my online and drawing classes. I am quite pleased with this little print block I carved, in practice for a larger one. I've made stamps previously, but by cutting and gluing.
It is cold and wintery still, but it is pruning time, so I have been doing a little of that most days when the sun breaks through. Looking around the garden I have found quite a few spots of colour.
This was a hurried shot to try and get the baby magpie drinking and singing at the bird bath as I drove in. It watched me drive in and I got this one zoomed-in shot before it took off. It is there - behind the main trunk, you can just see a small white patch! Although we get a lot of birds, we don't get many magpies. On seeing the photo I liked the colours despite there being no bird. The pink prunus is just coming out and the yellow is a diosma in the background.
Two beautiful orchids
 A new tree fern frond
A splendid lily - finally a flower on a self sown lush green leafy plant in a pot. I had to wait for a flower to be sure it was a lily, but now I can move it into the garden.

For something different, it was a picture perfect day when I went to the recent Stitch and Craft show at the Adelaide showground and saw this

The ferris wheel is a permanent fixture, and this is one of the new pavillions.