Sunday, February 27, 2011

A sample quilt - not a sampler

My thoughts this week, like most peoples' I'm sure, have been for the people of Christchurch in the aftermath of the earthquake. What devastation and sadness? It's been another reminder that we can't outsmart nature. It is a little ironic too, that all the modern day IT equipment and resources meant that the world could know instantly what had happenend, and organise and look on to the rescue efforts, while many of the people in Christchurch being kept out of the city centre and with no power, telephones and internet access did not know the extent of the disaster.

I'm back in quilting mode again. At the moment I am trying to make a quilt from bundles of little fabric samples I acquired years ago - on the bottom of a box of fabric I was given. They are from the days (late 80s and early 90s) when you could receive sample ranges from the shops. I have added a collection of 3 inch squares I cut way back then too. The photos show the bundles, a fabric sample card from 1986, and the process of string piecing 4 rows at a time.

I snapped these pictures quickly last night as my candle was burning itself out. It managed to overflow a few nights ago onto a quilted mat (yes I got the wax out but not the pink colouring ...grrr) and not learning from that, it got a corner of a quilted coaster last night although I thought the dish would contain any overflow), I was however fascinated by the relief 'picture' left in the wax as it burnt. I could imagine all sorts of things in it - rather like a Rohrschach inkblot.

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