Saturday, August 20, 2011

Off to see the Wizard/US

I'm feeling a little excited at the moment knowing that my Off to see the Wizard quilt is currently on show in the US as an entrant in the World Quilt Competition. I would love to be there to see it. Congratulations to Julie Haddrick (from SA too!) who won the Best Of Australia with her Beauty of Life 2, and to Marlene King who won 2nd Place Innovative with her quilt Travels. You can see the winners at

Off to see the Wizard and a close up. There's another picture of it on the SA Quilters website where it won a prize last year

Haven't acquired many jugs lately, but made up for it today at the Strathalbyn Collectibles and Crafts Fair - some of them might appear over the next few months. The collection is now at 520 and I'm having to be more choosy about ones I get. We've run out of storage space so will have to build or buy a new cupboard - not sure where it can fit though! I love looking at them en masse - the colours, shapes and forms appeal to me in a similar way to the colours and textures of textiles.Tim Wannacott from the BBC Bargain Hunt was special guest at the show - didn't catch sight of him though.

In between work, gardening and family history activities I am working at the moment to get something finished for our SA Festival of Quilts this November. With so many interruptions and distractions the entry photo certainly won't be of the finished piece!

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