Sunday, January 13, 2013

patterns on the tree trunks

It has been a pleasant weekend, a welcome change from the recent heat to get us ready for another heat wave this coming week! Most of Aus has sweltered over the last week or so, with very bad bushfires in 4 states and record temperatures in Queensland yesterday. Overnight we had just a few mm of rain - just enough to make things look refreshed when I went for a walk earlier. Gardens and flowers are showing signs of stress but the colours and patterns on the tree trunks drew my attention. Many are shedding the bark creating even more interesting pictures. I took a few photos (of course) and I have added a few more from my collection. They are mostly eucalypts (gums) but there are also plane and pine and maple (I think).

 I always find trees interesting, for their shapes, whether orderly or straggly, and the colours and amazing variety of leaf forms.  Here a few favourite shots of leaves and colours from other occasions, along with the one lone gum blossom I saw today.

I am now back in my sewing room/studio getting it sorted ready to launch into some new projects for the year. I have given the machine a little warm up this last week, working on a birthday card and an apron. I'll be hoping for nice evening sea breezes while it is hot!

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  1. Amazing photos - I have just been in my garden taking photos of texture