Friday, March 1, 2013

garden visitors

Pictured this little fellow on the path the other night, looking somewhat frightened - and my flash probably didn't help him.

We have a lot of frogs in the garden and in the fish pond and the storm water drain. We rarely see more than a flash as they hop by or splash in the pond, but we certainly hear them. There is a chorus most nights, at different pitches (usually 3), which can go round and round the yard as they respond in turn. They seem to breed quite happily in the fish pond. Last time I cleaned it out I rescued dozens of large tadpoles about to become frogs.

These are some of the fish which are about as hard to photograph as the frogs. You can see them pretty easily (except for the 2 blackmoors) but they won't stand still!

I thought I would put up some of the other visitors to the garden - some welcome and some not. The pictures have been taken over the last couple of years. I don't know their names. Some of them don't eat much, but some I'd rather not have. Having said that, I do find them fascinating and often quite beautiful to look at.

If only the birds picked them off as readily as they do the apples!

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