Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the frog and the frangipani

I have just used (well a few days ago) the picture I took of the little brown frog as inspiration for my latest 'in my garden' postcard. Bleaching was the technique we had to use , so that is how I made his spots - and bleached a spot on my jeans too. They were old so it didn't matter, but I then knew the technique would work!
In a conversation a while ago when I said something about the variety in leaf forms, it was met with a 'what do you mean - leaves are leaves', or something to that effect. I decided to do a walk around the garden to collect and look at the variety. It makes an interesting exercise, to see all the different shapes, textures, edge finishes, colours and so on.
This is a selection of the broader, flatter ones. There are many more like fine and lacy parsley, maidenhair fern etc and strippy, from long and broad orchids at one end of the scale, and short and thin chives at the other. There is such an amazing range, and what I find even more amazing is how many are unique enabling us to identify the plants. No, I don't think leaves are just leaves.

And while actually out walking recently I checked up on one of my favourite plants, the frangipani. We don't have one and don't have room for one, but I am pleased to be able to look at this one growing on the footpath/verge not too far from home. Such beautiful and delicate colours in both the white and pink varieties - and such a lovely perfume too.I wish I did have one in my garden.

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