Saturday, April 19, 2014

sharing the crop and the paper makers

We have had a really good apple crop this year, but once again the birds are having more than their share. Most of the fruit I have had to pick earlier than I would like, because of this...

There are - sorry were - 5 apples in this second picture! I have seen honeyeaters and blackbirds and pigeons having their share and today I saw some of the cheeky parrots. At least they come back to the same piece of fruit.

It is a pity they don't like peppers though. We have more than enough of them!

You can get the idea from this that the bush is loaded. And we have a second bush...

Now to the paper making. We visited a co-operative in Ahmedabad which provides employment  and makes paper from recycled fabric. They were working with calico offcuts when we were there, and the output was a fairly thick paper. They use all sorts of fabric and all colours, cut into small pieces to begin. In between the photos of the process are a few interesting little things spotted as we walked around

A board showing the the cycle of fabric to paper

A mound of fabric awaits processing

On the wall
Where they pulp the fabric, and add colour if required. This is upstairs and looks down over the workshop floor below -

No lighting in the building, it is just natural light through skylights.

 The pulp is screened out
And pressed to extract the water

 Someone's cushion

Sheets of paper drying

 The paper close up
and a little broom.
They do printing too, and there were lots of beautiful sheets of paper and books to buy in the shop - some of it very fine.
Of course I bought a few things, but it is hard to know how much you can take, and how much you will be buying elsewhere...

I hope it is a safe and happy Easter wherever you are.

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