Monday, March 2, 2015

one more journal cover and some garden visitors

I think this will be the last cover for a while. I used some paper pieced blocks from a workshop a few years ago - one more ufo 'completed'. 

There is some machine embroidery/quilting though that is a bit hard to see. It's a cover for  the journal for a design course with the very busy Dijanne Cevaal  (check out her blog at Musings of a textile itinerant ) Not much to show yet. We've been doing paper exercises - these are somepaper collages.

Have had a couple of visitors to the garden, well actually the fish pond, in the last 2 weeks - 2 blue tongue lizards. They are not really swimmers, but can survive in water for a while as long as they can climb out. Not so from our pond, so I have had to give them a hand. That is with a scoop, not literally my hand. First

This little fellow was about 30cm (1 ft). The green coat is duck weed from the surface of the pond. And then today, one twice the size, about 45 cm - a very rotund and healthy specimen - seen first in close up

I haven't seen many of the fish lately. Don't know if they were dinner, or have just been laying low.
I don't know either if the lizards have fallen in or walked in off the end, but I have stood a pot in the pond so they can climb out by themselves in future.

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