Monday, May 4, 2015

up to the roof line now

Yes I did work on the tapestry over the weekend. It's a bit hard to know how much I did - but I do know there is still a good bit to go! I feel I need to get it finished though, because it has been bundled around for so long that some of the tramming threads are breaking. It's a wonderful scene of Argyle Street at The Rocks.
It was a  productive but relaxed weekend,with lovely mild weather, in a great setting. The kangaroos I spotted on my afternoon walk wouldn't pose, but the early morning light on the neighbouring vineyards was splendid.

 Not sure the photos do it justice. I loved this bright orange fungus.
Great food and company, and lots of different sorts of stitching going on, like Bronnie's Dear Jane quilt
 Jenny's wool/felt embroidery
 Joan's silk panel quilting
Maxine's red hat lady
Margaret's drawn thread work
 (this one in progress)

and lots more piecing, applique and quilting, embroidery, dolls and bears. Lots of inspiration too. Thanks Deb.

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