Sunday, July 19, 2015

can't stitch and travel...

The tapestry has only the sky to go now, but not much other stitching happening with caring role, art classes and homework and a short break to visit Rachel in Hobart. Strangely the weather there was warmer than Adelaide (though that changed the day after). Here are a few of my memories.
Beautiful sunrises each morning from Rachel's kitchen window and balcony
and fabulous displays of ornamental cabbages throughout the shopping area. I checked out the lovely Thread, Needlework & Patchwork shop in Liverpool Street - packed with great thread selection, modern fabrics and beautiful embroidered samplers on the wall - but otherwise revisited the interesting/thought provoking Museum of New Art (MONA) and Salamanca market. 
Unfortunately the Tasmanian Museum was shut on Monday when I made my way there, so I just had to make do with another visit to the wharf area and Salamanca :-)
 This is the replica of the Lady Nelson - that brought the first settlers to Tasmania. It is so hard to imagine 12 months on a vessel like that, and to contemplate coming up beside a whale!
 The old and the new - the Australian Antarctic vessel is in the rear.
 Monument to the early settlers in Salamanca Place

  I also took a fabulous trip to Bruny Island with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys  - by bus to and from, and around the coast by boat. Amazing sights of rocks cliffs, caverns and passages. The colour of the water brilliant blues and greens, huge kelp, birds and lots of (smelly) seals on the lower islands. I got snap happy but here are just a few pictures

 It looked like we would get rain at one stage but we stayed on the edge.
Back on land we did spot a rare white wallaby, but it was some distance away and is just a blur in my photo.
Finally a  couple of shots as I walked to the bus stop. Not sure what this flower is - or the critter that is guarding the mailbox!


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