Thursday, January 21, 2016

a project finished

In between surviving Christmas and sorting photos I have been doing some stitching, and have just finished a piece of work from my Form and Variation course with Dijanne Cevaal last year. (seems strange to be saying last year though January is nearly over...) I used papyrus as my subject of interest, inspired by the view from the window of my workroom, of papyrus growing in our small fish pond.
I look out the window and wonder about its history, the making of paper, writing and scrolls and Egypt, and how it was used to weave bags and baskets or make rope, maybe for sailing boats on the Nile. My attempts to weave and plait it, and make paper haven't been too successful so far, though the videos make it look easy...

I posted some photos earlier of the work in progress, but this is the completed piece - 'Papyrus'. The background, pyramids and fronds are my own hand dyed fabric, and I made the background print blocks. The pictures are from Egypt, hand painted on papyrus. There is hand stitching on the pyramids and for the seed/flowers. The rest is machine worked.

Thinking of this - working with reeds and grasses and weaving - I am reminded of seeing the beautiful fabric being woven (as in her skirt too) in thread from nettles in one of the displays at the Hornbill Festival.
I am always left wondering how these things get discovered...

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