Sunday, May 30, 2010

crazy pathwork

It's raining today - we have had a bit through the week, and all much needed and appreciated. Dodging the rain earlier in the week I did some crazy pathwork - no that is not a misprint. I laid some slate and stones in a short path in the front garden. With plenty of experience with fabric, selecting and placing the stones was easy - unlike digging the soil from between all the treee roots.
I have finished the 'blooming' shoulder pads (nothing like a deadline to get something done!). Here is a section to intrigue you. It's called A mixed bunch. I'll post a picture when I can find a backdrop and means to photograph it.

My task for tomorrow - both anxious and pleasant - will be to hang the exhibition. Hopefully it all goes together as planned, and all fits! I discovered a couple of the early works were not labelled, so of course I have remedied that.
Thanks to all those who have given encouragement. I hope that all the viewers enjoy.

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