Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saw the pandas at the zoo

A busy week this week without any stitching. My sewing room/studio/office is the spare room and daughter Rachel was home from exciting travels in China and Nepal. Great to see her for a while. Not quite sure if she comes to see us, or just to get a fix of pasties and iced coffee (nowhere else makes them like South Australia!) She left for Mount Buller last night to work for the snow season and save money for the next adventure.

I took leave for a couple of days. We went to the Adelaide Zoo one day to see the Pandas - seems they have settled in OK. Maybe we were lucky but Wang Wang performed like a real show pony. Visitors are let in in batches. He got up, did a lap round the inner enclosure, then loped outside, did a lap and came and sat down in the front, chewed on a piece of bamboo for a bit and then loped back inside. Funi stayed in, just opening an eye on the crowd.
I hadn't been to the zoo for a few years, and I enjoyed the morning. The open enclosures, walk through aviaries and greenery are great.

Later went up to Morialta Gorge and walked to the first falls.

We've had fabulous sunsets over the last couple of weeks. I couldn't resist this one with the jet trails.

Now it is time to get back to my blooming shoulder pads.

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