Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great response to the exhibition

Two weeks of the exhibition gone - two weeks of my leave gone. At home I've been catching up on a few overdue chores, done some more crazy pathwork in the front garden, and made a vest for Max, seen a movie, visited with family and so on. I doubt I will get through my long list before it is time to return to work.

Yes, I am really happy with the exhibition. It has been a dream for some years, but but there was no knowing how it would be received. There have been so many wonderful comments - and even thanks for having the exhibition.
I have enjoyed my weekend 'sitting' in the gallery. It is so interesting hearing folk tell of their favourite piece - all different ones for all sorts of reasons. Many seem to evoke memories, especially the scrapbook quilts - it is amazing how many folk have a connection to Port Pirie where I grew up. Many folk are amused to find a real use for shoulder pads, but I have declined all offers of more!

And what do I do while I am there? I finished off (binding, sleeve, label) one small wall hanging, but not having much hand work to do, I have pulled out my oldest 'work in progress' and done a few stitches on it - a crazy patchwork started only about 15 years ago. Don't expect to see it soon It will probably take that many more years too!

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