Monday, September 6, 2010

Wild weather

Over the last couple of months we have had quite a bit of rain - all very welcome after the drought conditions we have had for some time. Whilst at the beach a couple of weeks back I took photos of the local creek outlet, because there was more water flowing out than I have seen for years. It is a beach where cars are allowed on, and there is often no outflow enabling the cars to go well down the beach. Recently it has been a bit tricky, depending on the tide -

Braved the elements on Saturday to go and have a look during the heavy rains and gale force winds. I could hardly stand, and nearly froze in a matter of minutes as the wind whistled straight through me and the rain was almost horizontal. The outflow was a torrent. I couldn't stand where I had taken the previous shot facing upstream, and looking to sea, there was no beach left to drive on.

All the reservoirs are full now and we are due for more rain later in the week. There has been a lot of fallen trees, power outages and roof damage, but nothing like the serious flooding in Victoria, where they are currently preparing for worse to come .

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