Sunday, October 17, 2010

On our doorstep

I have enjoyed following Michele Hill's recent travels, and seeing the photographs on her blog. Last week I had 4 busy and enjoyable days in Melbourne with my daughter. We caught the European Masters exhibition just before it closed, and saw the Titanic Exhibition. Decided against joining the long queue for the Tim Burton exhibition on it's last day and went for a wander around St Kilda. Also saw the musical Hairspray. It was brilliant, funny and colourful.

Thought I would post a few photos taken on our doorstep so to speak. This looks like something we would snap overseas - it's the Exhibition Building.

And this one could actually have been seen in Whitby, UK once. It is Captain Cook's cottage in Fitzroy Gardens, which was removed to Australia in the 1930's. Here I have taken the back view with the lovely herb garden. The cottage is very well presented - complete with patchwork quilts on the beds (though they have seen better days)

One of the older buildings on Flinders Street (a theatre? must check it up) with part of a protest march in the foreground.

Part of the Victorian Gallery and advertising for the European Masters exhibition. It was good to see water in the fountains once again

A shop front in St Kilda

On my last evening we had fish and chips in the Docklands. As we walked around, the sun was setting behind the West Gate Bridge which this week commemorated the terrible accident and collapse during it's construction 40 years ago.

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