Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's childs play

Here is the most recent quilted postcard that I've made - subject was 'it's child's play'. I should have put it up a few weeks ago but the time has zipped by. I drew the background in a child-like style (not far removed from my normal capability!) and made some tomboy stitch using 2 threads. The tomboy reel is a little piece of leather.

Next subject is 'discs', but I'm short on ideas for this one so far. Hopefully the deadline will provoke something.
Now I am working on a quilt using a whole lot of pre cut small sample pieces I was given a few years ago - trying to make something out of them.

There are hundreds of little pieces, so quite a challenge. Not sure how big it will end up. That will be determined by the number of pieces or my patience - whichever runs out first!

I have been taking some photos so here are a few interesting but un-related ones...

An old cottage in Willunga

One of my Double Delight roses - first for the new season

A moth taken on a window. When magnified, the seemingly soft, smooth and delicate pattern actually looks like a heavily tufted carpet.

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