Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Singing along with The Singing Quilter

I do sometimes sing along to her CDs when there is no audience but last night got to do the real thing...
Had a great time meeting up again with Cathy Miller and John Bunge. We have great memories of being shown around their home town Victoria (BC) a few years ago, and being intoduced to fish and chips Victoria style - with no less than salmon.
Last night was a new experience as we hosted a house concert and all went brilliantly. It is a great idea enabling performance for a small audience (and to get the house cleaned up!). The non quilters too, really enjoyed Cathy's relaxed but professional presentation. Her songs are both informative and fun - easy to listen to, and she doesn't mind us warbling along with the choruses. She has sung in Adelaide a few times now, and I recommend you see her whenever you can, or get her to visit.
Cathy showed some of her quilts too, quite inspiring and challenging, but the most amazing being the one she is just finishing off, with hexagons with 1/4" sides!!! It is not huge (she has the excuse of needing to keep her quilts small to travel with) but still appropriately named 'Insanity'

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