Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time out in the Barossa Valley

 Had a couple of days away last week relaxing at a nice, quite B&B near Cockatoo Valley called The Miner's Cottage. Did a bit of sight seeing, walking, wine tasting and catching up with my cousin.  It was lovely weather with some picture perfect skies. Hard to pick a few photos so I have made some collages.
There are many wonderful, huge gums around the region. The tree photos above show mostly younger trees, but they still looked magnificent especially with the afternoon sun on them. 

 The creeks were flowing and the reservoirs near to full. The lower 2 are of the Barossa Reservoir. Being a week day when we visited, it was not crowded and we were really able to hear down to a whisper at The Whispering Wall. This is a bit harder if there are more people around, talking back and forth. It is quite amazing to hear so clearly what is being said 140 meters away. There are a lot of arc wall reservoirs or structures around the world (this was the first such reservoir) but there are only a few where you can experience the phenomenon, possibly because of access problems.

Some of the less pleasant wild life - huge spiders, a swarm of bees, and we are wondering if the snakes at the Jacob's Creek information and tasting area (which is really pleaseant and well done) can read! We did see quite a few kangaroos or euros.

Some flowers including lots of splendid Easter Lillies, autumn leaves and brilliant orange lichen (in close up)...

... and some birds at Maggie Beer's Farmhouse Shop - the pretty ones to look at, the others for the table...

... and of course some wineries. There are a great many wineries and tasting areas, a mix of grand and modest, quirky and quaint, old and new. Here are views of Rockfords (2 top left) Chateau Tanunda (2 lower left) and the other 2, Chateau Yaldara (and me).

And back at home I am still working on the small fabric samples, and returning to work tomorrow.

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