Monday, May 23, 2011

celebrating, recovering and exhibiting

Always a bit to celebrate in our household in May, with my husband's birthday, Mother's Day and then our wedding anniversary. Our 40th (hard to believe) this year, so an excuse for more red/ruby around the house than usual. I seem to like red these days. I think it is a backlash from being unable to wear red as a child, because I had red (actaully copper coloured)  hair. Above and below shows the inside of the lovely red tulips I was given.

 But it hasn't all been great - the recovering is not from too much celebrating. I had a couple of days off work with a cold which started to get better and then turned into bronchitis - so more days off. In between I have been working to finish some small pieces for an exhibition at Red Poles Gallery It is all very exciting - a bunch of artists, showing 6 pieces each on the theme 'put the kettle on' from 4 June to 17 July. Here, to tempt you is part of one of mine. You get to see the rest later.

I have just been catching up on some blogs. Congratulations to Michele Hill for selling out the Morris tour so quickly. I saw a second tour was being arranged - I wouldn't be surprised to hear that is sold out too. It looks like a wonderful trip.

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