Monday, June 6, 2011

what to do next?

After finishing my 6 pieces for the Red Poles "put the kettle on" exhibition early last week I turned the sewing room/studio back into a bedroom for Rachel who was home for a few days before heading off overseas yesterday. Now I'm deciding what project to tackle next - the ufo promised to complete this year for Fleurieu Quilters? - something for the Guild Festival of Quilts exhibition in November - one of the many ideas in my head? - create something incorporating the face I painted in a Bonnie McCaffrey workshop recently?

One idea requires some fabric or textiles which read South America - traditional fabric, braid, lace, or fabric with print suggestive of the area. I only need small pieces, and they can be recycled, but I am having a hard time finding anything at all. What we do see associated with South American usually turns out to be Central American. Anyone got any ideas?

While I decide (ie procrastinate) I'll get in a bit more family history research. I have made a few interesting finds on the National Library (of Australia) Trove website recently, and have been contributing corrections while searching the digitised newspapers. A couple of incidents little known (ie read not spoken of) to our generation were written up in the daily papers...

There are some really clever and very imaginative works in the Red Poles exhibition which is by 19 artists. It opened on Saturday and runs until 17 July. Above is my formali-tea, and this is informali-tea
They were fun to do.

Saw the following photos again tonight and was reminded of the lovely, rich colour of aubergines, which we have been seeing in the fruit on our second year bushes. The splendid, treasured specimen below, resting on my machine quilted cushion was snapped by the proud 'father'.

I took this photo in the garden - a wonderful rich and beautiful colour. Eggplants weren't something I grew up with, so didn't really appreciate the colour until recent years. They seem to go darker as they age and are picked
... but they taste good! They usually end up in 'moussagne' - a cross between moussaka and lasagne.

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