Monday, January 9, 2012

What to do first

Hard to believe it is the 9th already. I am trying to get out of 'holiday mode' and back to active, creative mode. I will probably procrastinate for another day or 2, prioritising and setting deadlines, between the quilting/textile projects, and the 'other' things - family histories, collection catalogs, gardening, scrapbooks, converting slides and photos to digital and so on. My camera is getting slower to respond, so I think looking for a new one can be added to that list, and there should even be a bit of house cleaning in there too...
The first deadline is luckily for a 'calamity' postcard - a nice, small project to get started on.

I took these shots on the beach a couple of weeks back - a bit different to last week when we went for a swim with visiting family members during the hot, 40 degree, spell.

You can drive on the section in the background, behind the boat trailer and when it is hot it is hard to find a spot to park. There could have been 100 cars there, even after 5 pm - there were certainly 100s swimming in the water.

This looks a bit like a collection of beads, but is a close-up of those brown patches on the water's edge. Not leafy seaweed, but millions of pods, and a couple of tiny coral flowers - and all beautifully colour coordinated.

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