Thursday, January 19, 2012

Conundrum and calamity

I've completed my first quilt for the year! It's a post card and I finished it a few days after the last post. I have been too busy watching tennis to put up a picture before. I am hardly a sports fanatic but I enjoy watching the Hopman Cup and the Australian Open etc in January. The Tour Down Under is on at the moment too, but unfortunately (or maybe it is fortunately !) there is no live coverage of that. Might catch the local stage on Saturday. It is always a great atmosphere and you get a couple of chances to see all the riders as they do a couple of loops.
Here is my 'Calamity'
 The conundrum is

I have been driving past this on the way to work for some weeks now. What is it for then? Mind you, if it were to park in, maybe not everyone would use it. I took this photo at Willunga a while back.

It is a bike rack for, well, almost everyone!

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