Tuesday, February 7, 2012

looking about us with tourist eyes

I'm part way through the next quilting project. It is not going quite as I'd hoped and since the deadline is about 5 weeks away I've put it on hold for a bit. In the meantime I want to spend a bit of time mastering (says she hopefully) scanning and converting some of my old slides and photos. Some of my earliest quilt photos are slides, so it will be good to 'see' them again - not sure they will be good enough to post though! Slide evenings went out of fashion years ago (not talking about quilt pictures here) and we never replaced the projector when the globe blew. It is a bit ironic now, that everyone wants to show you their photos on their laptops, or through the TV set... 

Went into the city on Australia day to see "Iron Lady" which we really enjoyed. (Thought Meryl Streep did a brilliant job - I didn't 'see her' all the way through as I have in some of her films). While there, we saw some of the delightful, clever, and amusing knitted bikes on Rundle Street, for the Tour Down Under. Here are three of them

 Then looking around the entrance to Adelaide University, I thought the sights, which we are accustomed to and take for granted, were the sort of thing I would photograph in another city...


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