Saturday, March 10, 2012

exhibition spin off

Went to the opening of the Save our Gulf Coalition Exhibition last night. There are about ninety art works (paintings, photographs, jewellery etc and including my wall hanging) - a really good collection and well worth a look.

Delivering my piece there last weekend we decided to take a sandwich and check out a park we pass frequently on our way to and from the city. (Why don't we go exploring around our own back yard as we would if we were visiting another city?)  I knew the park related to aboriginal culture and thought it was time we learned just what was there. What a nice surprise!  It is the Warriparinga Wetlands - "a unique site in the heart of Marion. It is significant for its Kaurna, European and environmental features". Here is the link
We didn't take the time to walk any of the trails but I plan to return and do that some time. It was amazingly quiet too, given that it is in a triangle bordered by 3 major roads. I managed to give the camera a little try out -

... and enlarging this photo I found I had captured my reflection in the centre of the shield.

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  1. Hello Raelene, I have visited Warriparinga a few times - it's a surprising sanctuary isn't it? - tucked in amongst the mayhem of those 3 roads. Too easy to rush past it on the way to appointments & shopping & busyness...