Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter break

Went to Glenelg recently for a stroll about and fish and chips. Tried a panorama picture shot from the shore end of the jetty, and spotted the other plants growing up in the tops of the palm trees. The pigeons nesting there too were camera shy!
 I really like this feature as it is taken in one continuous shot - no seaming. You'll be seeing more of them!

It is hard to believe it is Easter already, and the end of the first school term for the year. I'm enjoying the 4 day break though! The last few weeks have been hectic with changes at work, stitching deadlines and 4 days at the National Genealogical Congress (for work - we have a regional local history, collection, but most people who use it are looking for information on their family). It was very interesting. If your family aren't movers and shakers or criminals who make the newspapers it can be very difficult to find information about them, so I was keen to learn of other record sources that might be useful, and where to locate them. Researchers have it much easier these days with more and more records being digitised and made available on the Internet every day.
If you think you're 'not into family history' have you ever heard someone say "the Public Trustee handled the estate and it took a long time and there was nothing left"? That well might happen if the will is not precise, and they have to spend days, weeks or years even, tracing 'all my nieces and nephews' or the rightful benefiiciaries. So that's a good reason to do your family tree, or encourage someone else in the family to do it, so you can leave a copy.

A couple of photos of the city while I was there - city buildings behind the Convention Centre entrance, interesting lines and reflections of the Convention Centre, looking toward the Festival Centre and a view along the Torrens River behind it.                                                                                                                    

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