Monday, May 21, 2012

A weekend away..

 I think I have asked this before, but why does everything take me twice as long as I anticipate? It is 2 weeks since I enjoyed a great, relaxing but reasonably productive retreat at Douglas Scrub. I came home and organised some photos from my walks in the scrub and thought about putting them up as a slideshow - that's still a thought! I went walking each morning at daybreak. I saw a couple of kangaroos but you don't get to see them. They heard me first, and were bounding away.  Here are a few of the photos.
 and this one didn't fly away.... (it is a Guide camp site)
 I worked on a project started 5 or 6 years ago at Quilt Encounter (Topsy Turvy Houses with Beth Miller) -  quite a challenge working out where I was up to, so my houses have undergone some renovation! Now to finish it before I go to Quilt Encounter in July....
Early last week I thought I would just make my tea cosy, so that I am ready for the Red Poles Exhibition (Unravelled: opens on June 2), and then I could devote my time to blogs and family history etc. Well, I finished the tea cosy yesterday. It only took me about 4 times as long as I thought! (I'll post a picture when the exhibition opens). So, no family history or slide shows on blogs, and the next deadline looms - a postcard for 'shanty' by next week.
I must change the jug and echidna photos too, though I don't seem to have acquired any for ages.

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