Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whales, sales and emails

It has been exciting these last few days...
Firstly, I received a request to include some photos from an earlier post in a uni honors thesis. A bit of a thrill in that, and I am only too happy to say yes.
Yesterday was the opening of Unravelled (2012) in the Gallery at Red Poles.
The theme was 'the textile landscape', and there are some great works on display, from 13 artists in all. I received some very positive and pleasing comments about my 6 little 'carpets', and 2 of them sold.

Here is my 'Old Tea Tree' tea cosy, also in the exhibition. It only took about 3 times as long to do as I expected it too, but I was happy with the result.

After the opening and a cup of coffee with family and friends I looked up as we were leaving. The sun was setting, and the clouds were spectacular, all pink and gold, but by the time I took this photo over the gallery, the colours were beginning to fade.

This morning on the radio I heard talk about the whale season beginning at Victor Harbor. A caller rang in to say that he was at Moana, and 2 whales had just been spotted heading up the gulf not too far from the beach. I reluctantly (not!) stopped cleaning grout in the bathroom, grabbed the binoculars and headed out onto our driveway. Looking down our street to the sea (1km+ away) I saw a patch of water that looked disturbed, and then there were black humps flipping and then a tale flashing. A great way to start the day!

I didn't manage a photo of whales, but I got these two 'cousins' when I went for a walk this afternoon. As a rule one can't get close enough to photograph them before they fly off. My new camera has more zoom so I thought I would give it a test.
 Peewit (commonly called Murray Magpie) above, and Magpie below

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