Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fireworks to launch a bridge

Not sure if launch is the right word to use, but we went along to see the fireworks at the end of the community celebration for the completion of what is apparently the `world`s third longest incrementally constructed rail bridge` last night. We have been watching it progress steadily across the space over the Onkaparinga river and flats/estuary as we await the extension of rail services to our suburb, to be operational next year.

It seems it was well attended, and the show was quite spectacular. I'm quite pleased with the pictures I took with the fireworks setting on the camera, so thought I would use them to figure out how to save them on the tablet, and upload to the blog - all practice for my exciting textile tour to Kolkata and Bhutan which leaves in a few days. Here are a few.

They are all saved there, but it's now 2 days after I started writing this post, and set out to upload these photos from the tablet. I couldn't get it to work so have just resorted to the PC and the old way. There is clearly more I have to learn or a program I have to add to enable loading the photos from the tablet...
We only went along in the evening just before the fireworks, so daylight shots of the bridge will have to wait.

Off on my trip in just a couple of days now. My excitement is growing as I anticipate the wonderful scenes, sounds, colours, crafts and textiles, buildings, food and people we will encounter. The packing is at the indecisive stage - there is a large pile of possibles beside the suitcase, but which ones to include? Tomorrow I'll have to stop procrastinating and put some in! I'm sure to take more than I need as usual.
I'm not sure how much internet access there will be but hopefully I can post something along the way.

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  1. Hi Raelene
    Have an absolutely wonderful holiday
    Love the fireworks