Friday, August 17, 2012

Weathering the winter

It is high time I posted - I have been hibernating a bit lately. It has been so cold and wet, and I am not the only one to think that....

Above is Harley, our cat, looking fatter than ever with his long fur fluffed out, and below, some of the neighbourhood topknot pigeons puffed up to counter the weather as they perch on the rooftops.

A couple of weeks back I finished off an old (2006!) Quilt Encounter project from a Beth Miller Topsy Turvy Houses workshop ...
It took me so long I couldn't remember where I was up to, so there was a little bit of restoration/ redevlopment in the end. It was done without the aid of rulers, and fun to do. Then I packed up all the sewing to restore Rachel's bedroom for a few days as she visited before taking off on a grand North American adventure. I am gradually spreading everything about again as I decide what to do next.

Although it is cold and wet there is still a lot of colour about to brighten the dreary scene...
red on the Japanese bamboo
 and delicate mauve on the rosemary.
white snowdrops beside a carpet (just showing) of violets,

 a golden fungus skirt (turned almost inside out) on the bike path

a splendid red hot poker in a garden,

 almond blossom in an old orchard
and,soft pink edges and creamy centres on succulents.

This was our very first prunus blossom and the tree is now a mass of beautiful pink blossoms,
 but highlight of the front garden at the moment are some snowpeas. The flowers are splendid
 though only white, and the handful of peas I pick every day or two, lovely and crisp and crunchy!

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