Thursday, July 19, 2012

stitching a childhood memory

Quilt Encounter? When was that? Well it is over a week ago now. I was trying beforehand to finish a project started at QE 6 years ago, but I didn't make it. I still have the quilting to do. I will photograph it when it is finished. I did enjoy my 3 days this year and having waited a few days now, I can actually post a picture of my completed piece from the 'Stitched in memories' workshop with Michele Eastwood (from WA). It was a really nice way to spend 2 days - fairly relaxed and stress free, breaking lots of rules for quilting and embroidery! Thanks Michele.
It is from 2 photos of my brother, sister and me, and nameless so far. The lace is from the bottom of a petticoat. As well as all our 'top' clothes Mum made us both lawn petticoats and panties. The petticoats were always trimmed with lace, the depth depending on whether they were for everyday use (1-2 inches), for 'good' (4 - 6 inches) or for tennis (about 8 inches).
My second workshop was frustrating for me and for Gina who was teaching. We were trying to do embroidery stitches but my machine was playing up. I threatened to take it for servicing yesterday, but when I tried it a few days ago, it was stitching perfectly. I'll take a chance and try to get the quilting done...  It will be a while before I finish the quilt from that workshop.
Congratulations to the committee for another well run event. After 20 years they are bowing out to take a well deserved rest. My best wishes go to the new committee. I am sure they will do a great job too.

We have been having some very cold weather, with a fair bit of rain and a lot of wind lately...

This chap was really making the most of it, and came down quite low over me while I was walking on the beach. Of course I had picked up the old camera on my way out - not the one with the better zoom!
I haven't taken many pictures lately. I am just now having fun with a new tablet - the picture of the quilt above was my first taken on it.
Here are a couple of eucalypt blossoms overhanging the block next door. I probably won't get to see them next year as it looks like the block will finally be built on. It has been vacant beside us for 11 years, but someone was conducting soil tests last week.

I find these strange fingers from which the blossoms open, quite fascinating. Many of them come in shades of red, with some being very, very bright. Some are long and thin like witches talons, and others short and stumpy.

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