Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some vestment pictures from earlier travels

It is some days ago now, but what a great festival of Quilts it was! A big well done to the Guild and especially the Exhibition Committee - and of course to all who exhibited their work. The show would be nothing without them.

Since then I have been contemplating whether I finish some unfinished projects, or start someting I'd rather do, as we enjoyed a short visit from daughter Rachel, where we caught up on all the adventures of her recent travels to North America. The visit necessitated packing up the sewing and cleaning up her room, but I am spreading out again now.
Looking back through my photos for more pattern pics I have been rediscovering some of the textiles I saw and photographed on our European trip in 2005. Mostly they come from churches. I will put them up as I check the diary for the details. (The photo tagging job is still to be finished!)

Here are a few from the magnificent Baroque Abbey at Melk, Austria's largest Benedictine monastery on a prominent rocky outcrop on the Danube.  These are beautifully embroidered vestments or chasubles of Abbot Dietmayr, who was Abbot from 1700 to 1739 
- and a later one - not sure of the details   

and here are a couple of photos of the Abbey

 The pictures don't quite join, but you canget the idea. There is an amazing library. My picture doesn't do it justice, but you can see it at   I have seen it  in lists of the world's greatest libraries.  Below is a taste of the fine views from the Abbey,

and this is the main entrance, with a fine fresco on the ceiling as you go through the archway.

And for something quite different, this is laces and embroideries for sale in Budapest.

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