Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a few thousand hexagons...

... make up this huge and wonderful quilt completed recently by my friend Bronnie, with some help from her sister Joan.

Though it is not not the sort of quilt I'm ever likely to be making, it is an amazing grandmother's flower garden hexagon quilt worked on over many years by a lady called Joyce.
 The unfinished quilt was brought to our Guild early last year to see if someone would finish it. Over the years Bronnie has put her hand up and finished several hexagon quilts, but none so fine as this one.
It needed a only a few hexagons stitching in place, but then borders and quilting. The flowers are all carefully (fussy) cut and no 2 are the same. To reflect the care with which they were all pieced, Bronnie has hand quilted it. The various forms of paper in the back took hours to remove. but revealed a lot about the maker and the making.
 Well done Bronnie.

Something quite different now. I was walking on the beach on Sunday and although it was cold it was a fine sunny day with a bright blue sky and interesting white cloud formations.

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