Saturday, July 6, 2013

winter colour

Well it has been cold. wet, blustery, and very much winter these last few days. Had to go out this morning and part way home drove inbto a very heavy downpour complete with hail. I certainly haven't felt like venturing out so have caught up on a few chores (oh I love tax time!) and have managed to put in a few stitches. But looking at the blog I discovered that I didn't actually put up the photos I collected last week. They were about winter too, colour and pattern mind must have got frozen.

 The miniature pomegranite - a bright spot in the front garden. Not sure if they are edible?
 Something new to me - black capsicums. Think they came from a 'mixed punnet' of seedlings

The amazing thing in all the cold is that our garden is still producing a few tomatoes and lots of capsicums and peppers


Sunset looking down our street, and the last leaves on the manchurian pear, along with big fat buds - already.

 A few scenes from the beach

 Norfolk Pine fronds standing up on a low branch

 We had lunch at Largs Bay a couple of weeks ago (very nice, at the Largs Pier Hotel) where I took this shot of the jetty. Yes, the jetty is in the picture, not all that visible, but I just liked the photo.

Also spotted these colorful fungi on the verge. They were black and white striped in their aged decomposing state.

And this is a shot of the stairs in the hotel. It is all nicely restored.

And now some stitching - this is 'Rules of the playground' which I entered in the Save our Coasts Coalition exhibition recently. Not a very good photo. I didn't take one before I entered it, not expecting it to be sold.

Next time some more postcards. I have some new jugs and echidnas to photograph and catalog (in my spare time of course) so will have some of those soon too for a change.

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