Saturday, July 13, 2013

catching up with projects

I have a week off and hope to manage both a fair amount of taking it easy, at the same time as tackling a long list of projects...
It is cold and fairly miserable today, but I have made a good start. I have photographed the latest collection additions and am in the process of updating the catalogs - I'll finish if my typing fingers don't get any colder!
These are the recent postcards from my series In my garden

 The roses (stamped and hand painted)
The apple tree (layered and fussy cut). This could have included cheeky parrots that taste test every apple!
The fledglings (using felt for the nest)
I'm not sure what the next is to be - it is not due for a week, so plenty of time to look it up!
I'm quite pleased with the end results, though they don't always finish up like the original idea. They are representative, rather than true pictures of aspects or features of our garden.

I spotted this new growth on a tree in the car park yesterday as I was going to a meeting. I thought the fresh new shoots on the old trunk were cheering on a dull and rainy morning and

they reminded me that spring wouldn't be too far away.

I am off to Quilt Encounter for 2 days in the middle of the week, so my next job is to check out the workshop requirement list, and find last year's completed work to take to show. Good luck to the new organising committee. The first 'camp' will be well under bty now, and I'm sure we will all have a lot of fun. We will of course learn a lot too.

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