Thursday, July 17, 2014

finally some embroidery

It doesn't seem like my trip to India was 6 months ago - it really is time I recalled some of the wonderful embroidery. In this small selection, some of the pieces were new or being worked on, some are old, from collections. Everything is so colourful, and the old pieces still retain their very vibrant colours. The pieces are very densely stitched, with each region or clan having favourite andtraditional patterns and stitches.

 Our lovely hostess at the family hotel wearing her own work. I am sorry I don't have her name.

 The detail of the mirrors added in the above photo

Each round 'spot' is a mirror

The stitches are simple - generally variations of straight stitch, chain stitch and blanket stitch. The items include clothing, camel rugs, carry bags, quilts and cloths for wrapping and carrying.
 Next is the colourful interior of a house with items for sale - making a choice was not easy!

And now my attempt. We did a workshop in Bhuj -

- Our teacher works on my piece to shown us how to do it, above, and below, I have since finished that central motif 
- and the first of the corner motifs. Hopefully by the end I will have mastered putting in the mirrors!

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